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Building Relationships Tips

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Relationship-Building Tips

Here are some tips for forming and keeping lasting school-community relationships.

  • Network to build relationships.
  • Spread the word to your internal base. Start with friends and colleagues.
  • Talk to parent and parent-leaders in your school. Identify their skills and recruit them as mentors or spokespeople.
  • Talk about the project at open houses and orientations. Ask anyone and everyone to support the kids.
  • Form and nurture partnerships.
  • Identify companies, youth organizations, nonprofits, and colleges that want to create a school-community connection.
  • Give presentations, and set up a booth at company outreach events.
  • Host thank-you events and provide constant feedback.
  • Develop a seamless tie between classroom and the extended day.
  • Create organization. Provide ongoing training and support for mentors. Schedule meeting times when mentors and teachers can discuss student progress and create cohesive lesson plans.
  • Consider hiring a liaison to act as a mentor trainer and student tutor.
  • Update parents on how their kids are doing socially and academically.
  • Invite mentors and partners to staff meetings and teacher luncheons. Keep everyone focused on a connection between the classroom and project.

Relationship-Building Links

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