Teacher Wellness

Hitting a wall? Explore self-care strategies to battle teacher burnout, and rediscover your inner superhero to bring excitement and creativity back into your classroom.



  • Mindfulness

    Getting Mindful About Breathing

    Taking a moment to be mindful of your breathing can help you manage stress, listen more deeply, and defuse tense classroom situations.
  • Teacher Development

    Keeping Your Passion for Teaching Alive

    A veteran educator shares how he maintains his enthusiasm for teaching after more than two decades in the classroom.
  • Resilience and Grit

    Boosting Resilience Through Creativity

    Creativity is a resource for coping with stress—and it can be as simple as just asking questions to enhance our sense of wonder.
  • Teacher Wellness

    Teaching With Depression

    A look at some of the common symptoms teachers report—along with strategies and resources that can help.
  • Teacher Wellness

    Reclaiming a Sense of Joy

    Eight simple, quick strategies for easing the stress of teaching and remembering to take pleasure in the work.
  • Teachers Weigh In

    The How and Why of Trauma-Informed Teaching

    In an extraordinary Twitter chat, educators discuss building trauma-informed social and emotional learning environments.
  • The Research Is In

    Burnout Isn’t Inevitable

    Teachers are stressed—but schools can help.
  • Teacher Development

    The Power of Summer Reflection

    Taking stock of past successes and challenges can boost your resilience for the upcoming school year.
  • Teacher Wellness

    The Necessity of Boundaries

    There are limits to teachers’ time and energy. Recognizing that is important to best meet the needs of both teachers and students.
  • School Leadership

    Building Teams That Stay

    Appreciating teachers and helping them cultivate resilience can help administrators reduce turnover in their schools.