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Special Education

Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for supporting students with special needs.
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Shadow of a girl against an orange wall making a bird shadow puppet

Understanding Invisible Disabilities

To help students with invisible disabilities, recognize related behavior, discover whether there's a diagnosis, respect their privacy, and make learning accommodations.

Makerspaces for Students With Special Needs

Students with special needs and neurological differences can benefit from the hands-on process, experimental nature, and visible results of maker education.

Understanding the Causes of Dyslexia for Effective Intervention

The perception and treatment of dyslexia is shifting from a symptom-based reaction to a neurological-based understanding of what is primarily an auditory disorder.

Illustration of children dressed as apples and oranges

Five-Minute Film Festival: Reaching Learners of All Abilities

Looking for resources to help understand and address learning differences in the classroom? This collection of videos and resources offers strategies teachers can use to reach all students in an inclusive environment.


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