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Explore and share tips, strategies, and resources for helping students develop in the social sciences.
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Graphic of "We Can Do It" poster

Women's History Month: 6 Lesson Plan Resources for Teachers

Matt Davis highlights free and easy-to-implement classroom resources to celebrate Women's History Month in March.

"Can't I Just Choose My Own Topic?"

By inviting her class to choose their own subjects for a historical reformers project, Sarah Cooper learned a lot about her students' interests and passions.

Common Core in Action: Examining 2 Texts in the Social Studies Classroom

An iPad lets students consume and interact with content, a fun and efficient way of meeting the Common Core standards for integrating and analyzing information.

The Story of Claudette Colvin: Students as Historians

"Studying history" isn't enough -- students should "do history" by actively immersing themselves in gathering information, interpreting sources, and developing original ideas.


Student Choice and Viral Videos

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Hooking the Youngest Students on History

Fri, 04/14/2017 - 06:00
402 238 views

Student Choice and Viral Videos

Thu, 02/18/2016 - 12:00
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Infusing Hip-Hop and History

Mon, 04/03/2017 - 18:35



Using Farmville to Teach Standards

How teachers can use Zynga's Farmville as an educational tool in the classroom.

3 187 747 views

The Votes Are In: Edutopia’s Tech Integration Lesson Contest

Blogger Mary Beth Hertz shares the winners of her tech integration lesson plan contest.

2 702 views

Seven Tech Integration Lesson Plans: Let the Voting Begin!

Seven great tech integration lesson plans. Vote for your favorite; the winner gets to donate Steven Johnson's new book Digital Tools for Learning to a deserving colleague.

94 7,724 views

Teaching War

Blogger Todd Finley offers some strategies for digging into the complexities of teaching about war.

4 7 2,492 views

Let's Bring Civic Education to the Front Burner

Anne O'Brien explains the importance of civic education in our schools, stressing that our country cannot thrive if its citizens do not know how to maintain it.

26 223 2,741 views

A Web 2.0 Class: Students Learn 21st Century Skills, Collaboration, and Digital Citizenship

A web 2.0 class crosses geographical boundaries to teach information literacy: 21st century skills, collaboration and digital citizenship.

30 256 6,727 views

Increase Student Engagement by Getting Rid of Textbooks

Shelly Blake-Plock weighs in on increasing student engagement by getting rid of textbooks.

33 538 4,734 views



5-Minute Film Festival: Lincoln Fever

National interest in president Abraham Lincoln is at an all-time high. Take advantage of the buzz with this playlist of Lincoln-related videos and resources gathered by VideoAmy.

2 201 1,743 views

Teaching Resources for the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami

A collection of teaching resources for the Japanese earthquake and tsunami

6 229 1,743 views
Collage of film screenshots from We The Voters

5-Minute Film Festival: We The Voters

Inspire young people to get engaged with the political process through a timely new film series about the U.S. system of democracy, elections, and governance.

20 1,494 views
photo of a student learning with video

The Shield of Achilles Project: How I Used Digital Video to Make Classical Lit Relevant

Blogger Kenneth Olden shares the thinking and feeling behind a project-based learning unit that brings Homer's Iliad to life and increases student engagement.

2 21 1,494 views

With Integrated Studies, a Classroom Becomes a Restaurant for a Day

A unit on eateries connects students with the community while teaching the basics.

11 1,451 views
An illustration of a child dressed as an old English judge.

The 9 (or How to Spot Future Greatness in a 6-Year-Old)

One first grade teacher suggests that we can spot future Supreme Court Justices in six-year-olds willing to shoulder serious responsibility -- like washing the board.

5 95 1,246 views

Make It Matter: Teach Justice

Students lack experience yet have valid perspectives about bettering their world. They learn when we give them agency to start working toward those changes.

4 374 1,246 views