New Teachers

For new teachers who seek support and want to share the challenges and triumphs of first starting out in the classroom.

  • Teaching Strategies

    Catching Lightning in a Bottle

    If you know your students well, adapting your lessons around a current event that interests them may be the right move.
  • New Teachers

    Getting Your To-Do List Under Control

    Building routines around recurring tasks can help new teachers save effort and focus on what really matters.
  • New Teachers

    6 Ways to Build a Rapport With Students

    New teachers sometimes struggle with establishing relationships with students, so a veteran shares a few tips on how to get started.
  • Social and Emotional Learning

    How to Teach Self-Regulation

    To succeed in school, students need to be able to focus, control their emotions, and adjust to change.
  • New Teachers

    Building Resilience as a New Teacher

    An early-career teacher shares strategies for responding with grace to three difficult issues new teachers may face.
  • New Teachers

    The Lessons of the Dandelion

    The ubiquitous yellow bloom—beautiful but very tough—has worthwhile lessons for teachers embarking on their careers.
  • Teacher Development

    The Benefits of a Multiyear Induction Program

    A New Jersey school district uses a four-year induction program to support teachers in the difficult early years.
  • Classroom Management

    5 Tips for Kindergarten Pacing

    Keeping a kindergarten class on track can be challenging for new teachers, so a veteran shares strategies he’s developed.
  • New Teachers

    A Little Prep Goes a Long Way

    A bit of logistical work in the classroom can help new teachers wrap up for summer—and ease the back to school crunch as well.
  • Assessment

    7 Grading Tips for New Teachers

    Among the many challenges facing early career teachers, grading can be especially daunting, so we’ve collected some pointers to make it easier.