Game-Based Learning

Get tips, techniques, and tools that apply the principles of game design to the learning process -- a dynamic way to engage learners and help educators assess learning.

  • Game-Based Learning

    Turning Math Into a Game

    Building a sense of play around math problems encourages students to engage and collaborate.
  • Assessment

    A Look at Playful Assessment

    Borrowing ideas from game construction can help teachers with both assessing student projects and constructing rubrics.
  • Game-Based Learning

    Exploring Ancient History With Video Games

    Using video games to examine the imperfect ways history is recorded and the ways historians work with incomplete records.
  • Game-Based Learning

    Teaching Empathy With Video Games

    Some video games can be used in the classroom to help children develop an awareness of both their own and their peers’ emotions.
  • Game-Based Learning

    Reading Digital Games as Texts

    Story-driven digital games can drive students to explore concepts like linear and nonlinear narrative, the unreliable narrator, and more.
  • Game-Based Learning

    Using Quests in Project-Based Learning

    Questlines—learning pathways that are both personalized and differentiated—build choice into any lesson.
  • Game-Based Learning

    5 Tips for Using Digital Games in Class

    Lessons gathered from experience with using Minecraft and other games to boost engagement and meet learning objectives.
  • Game-Based Learning

    Learning by Tinkering

    Minecraft and other open-world games are being harnessed to teach course content by taking advantage of students’ creativity.
  • Coding in the Classroom

    Getting the Most Out of Hour of Code

    An hour of coding is a fun beginner’s experiment for teachers or parents to do with kids—these resources make it easy as well.
  • Coding in the Classroom

    Coding Across the Curriculum

    With these apps and games, you can work coding lessons into any subject and any grade from early elementary through 12th.