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Celebrate Educators on National Teacher Day

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Someone's hand is beneath a chalkboard drawing of a flower, making it look like they're holding the flower in their palm.

The month of May is all about Teacher Appreciation. The fifth month of the year is Teacher Appreciation Month, and with special dates throughout -- including National Teacher Day and Teacher Appreciation Week -- there are plenty of opportunities to show the teachers who have impacted your life that you care.

Below, explore various ways to express your gratitude, including poems and songs, thank-you notes, heartfelt gifts, and more. Not sure how to say thanks? You'll find a little bit of everything in this collection, with ideas to help parents, students, teachers, and administrators celebrate throughout the month.

To start, here’s one from the Edutopia vault: Amy Erin Borovoy's "Five-Minute Film Festival for Teacher Appreciation Week."


More Teacher Appreciation Resources From Edutopia

Here's a listing of some of the most popular, insightful, and useful Teacher Appreciation-related content published in the last few years:

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Teacher Appreciation
Teacher appreciation resources: gifts, classroom ideas, self-care, and more!

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Debora Wondercheck's picture
Debora Wondercheck
Executive Director, Founder of Arts & Learning Conservatory

Teacher Day, a day to pay respect to one who is the reason for your development in your work field ,they teach you the way to live,they educate you modify you create you ,let you be of any age pay respect to them ,show them your work they will be happy.

Lori Callister's picture
Lori Callister
WeAreTeachers Community staff person

More great ways to appreciate teachers: WeAreTeachers is offering cool giveaways from our partners on our Facebook page here: - from educational games to cool educator software.

Isabella75's picture

Well, I was lucky to have the best tutors that have greatly inspired me. Now I am trying to give back, by doing exactly the same!

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