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Common Core Math: Best Resources for High School Educators

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Common Core has certainly raised some questions -- from what assessment will look like, to curriculum development and how the standards are in practice. There are others, I'm sure.

But currently, education nonprofits and researchers are developing materials to help educators, parents and students understand them. With that in mind, here are some of the best resources for understanding how Common Core will shift high school math classrooms, with example videos, articles about assessment and lists of tech tools for educators.

  • 21 Common Core-aligned Math Apps: Are you looking for some useful tools to be used for Common Core math? Well, this post highlights some great, mostly free apps that can be used in high school math classes. All of the examples are featured on edshelf, a website that provides parent/educator reviews of tech tools. The only catch: Most of the apps were designed for Apple devices.
  • Common Core Resources from Illustrated Mathematics: This video series from Illustrated Mathematics offers in-depth, real-life examples of the processes and proficiencies of Common Core math. In each video, students work through math problems and display Common Core proficiencies. It's certainly interesting, and they'll be useful for teachers who are using Common Core in the classroom. There's also a user-friendly menu of five high school math categories, with quick drop-down menus for the domains of each category.
  • Common Core Overviews from The CCSS are laborious to read, but here, turns them on their head, providing a witty look at the high school math standards. These are engaging to read, and they cover all six math standards. If you have some time, they're definitely worth a read. Also included are some useful practice quizzes that will provide ideas for assessment strategies.
  • Common Core Proficiencies From Inside Mathematics: What does the Common Core look like in the classroom? This great video series from Inside Mathematics offers a definitive look at practice standards for each grade. Not to mention, the videos also offer a examples of the each proficiency in the context of lessons. On the site, you'll also find links to useful classroom tools for the Common Core.
  • Common Core High School Math Lessons from LearnZillion: This user-friendly site offers lessons aligned with various standards. You can browse based on category, then choose lessons based on a proficiency. Another great site -- OER Commons -- also features a wealth of CCSS math resources for high school educators.
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MooMoo Math's picture

Thanks for the list. Another resource I use all the time is Regents Test Prep. It was developed by a school system. No ads and created by teachers.

pattycake85's picture

Common Core Assessment Examples for High School Math takes me to a website titled "Kissing For Real Women." Not sure why this happened, but I am really interested in what that link is supposed to lead to.

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Engagement Manager

pattycake85 -- thank you for letting us know! It looks like the original site is no longer around and the URL was picked up by a spammer. We'll tweak the article to remove the bad link.

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