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How will the Common Core shift English-language arts learning in elementary school? Well, the transition to more nonfiction readings has certainly received the most attention, but that's just one subtle way. To help parents understand these shifts, we've compiled some of the best Common Core resources from around the Web.

There are also plenty of useful resources for educators here too, from sample lessons and assessments, to classroom practice video series. With full implementation of the CCSS set for next fall, many nonprofits and publishers are racing to put together useful resources for parents, educators and students. Here are some of the most helpful aligned with Common Core ELA at the elementary level.

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K. Kulinsky's picture
K. Kulinsky
Second grade teacher

Thank you for all the great resources provided here. I can't wait to share with my school.

Ashley Weirich's picture
Ashley Weirich
Kindergarten teacher from Tennessee

Thank you for sharing all the resources available to help with the transition to common core. I had no idea that these resources were out there. I have learned a lot of wonderful information that will help me in my classroom. I am looking forward to sharing in with the other teachers at my school.

Sara Trombley's picture
Sara Trombley
third grade teacher from Upper Michigan

I am so thankful for this blog! The compilation of resources for the implementation and understanding of the common core is wonderful! It is parent and teacher friendly! I look forward to subscribing to the weekly newsletter for up and coming information regarding pertinent information in my areas of interest as I entered in my original enrollee information. I am looking forward to watching the core webinar series! The best part is that they are free too! I am going to share this eduptopia blog to my colleagues!

May Kennedy's picture

Thank you for the resources you shared for Common Core Standards-ELA. I am new to this as a teacher and parent. This information will really help me with the steps I can take to assist my students and children.

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