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As someone who spends a lot of time in my car, I get an awful lot of information via podcasts. Podcasts are a total sanity saver if you commute. Basically, they are serialized audio broadcasts that you can listen to whenever you want via a computer or mobile device. This post is a basic tutorial for listening to podcasts.

There are so many great podcasts by and for educators. Alas, I don't have time to research and include all of them. Fortunately there is a robust comment area below, and you can (and should!) add your suggestions there.

Here's a great list to get you started:

#edchat Radio

(Personal Learning Network, School Leadership, Teacher Leadership)
#edchat Radio is a ten-minute show that highlights conversations from the weekly #edchat Twitter chat topic. The weekly hosts invite a few powerful conversationalists from the week's chat to reflect and share. This is a great show for those building their personal learning network (PLN) or who don't have time to participate in the weekly chat.

Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers

(Teaching Strategies)
At a quick ten minutes per episode, posted every Sunday, Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers is designed to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators -- and to get teachers and educators energized for the week ahead.

The Bedley Brothers

(Teaching Strategies)
The Bedley Brothers, Scott and Tim, are teacher-of-the-year brothers from California who live and breathe teaching and learning. They interview high-profile guests in 30-plus-minute shows, where they discuss a variety of topics, full of engaging anecdotes and practical info.

Every Classroom Matters

(Teacher Leadership)
Every Classroom Matters is a bi-weekly show that interviews teachers and professionals who have impactful practices for any classroom. Winner of Best Talk Show Host in Education, teacher and Edutopia blogger Vicki Davis leads a ten-minute conversation about a variety of best practices.

Science Underground

Science Underground is a two-minute weekly science podcast is hosted by scientist and Edutopia blogger Ainissa Ramirez and journalist Bill Retherford. Short segments target students and adults as the hosts share lesson ideas that regularly align with NGSS standards.

Talks With Teachers

(Teaching Strategies)
On Talks With Teachers, Edutopia community facilitator Brian Sztabnik invites teachers to chat about their stories and challenges, their learning and loves. It's impossible to listen without getting a big shot of inspiration from the ideas offered by these positive teacher voices.

Moving at the Speed of Creativity

(Professional Development)
In one of the longest running podcasts, producer Wesley Fryer records ponderings, anecdotes, and sometimes whole presentations that he attends at conferences. Moving at the Speed of Creativity centers largely around edtech with podcasts that vary in length and release date. But when Wesley shares something, it's always worth a listen.

Those are seven of my favorite educational podcasts. What are your favorites? Please share them in the comments below so that we can bring even more awesomeness to our commutes!

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Paula Jablonski's picture

Forgot a few!
- Principal PLN @principalPLN
- The Cult of Pedagogy @cultofpedagogy
- The Nerdy Teacher @thenerdyteacher
- Principally Speaking

Lisa Dabbs's picture
Lisa Dabbs
Educational Consultant. Author. Speaker. Blogger.

I want to start a podcast for New Teachers to coincide with my book launch. :) Been wanting to do this for a while, now have a good reason to do it! New T's need support in ways that are unique to their needs. I am a BIG fan of Principal PLN and Truth for Teachers!

Michelle Manno's picture
Michelle Manno
Teacher turned storyteller.

Elana -- thank you so much for sharing this Buzzfeed list! However, the list was created by USC Rossier School of Education, not Buzzfeed's editorial team. I just wanted to give you an update on the proper source of the content. I'm so happy you enjoyed our article! :)

Elana Leoni's picture
Elana Leoni
Edcamper, Former @Edutopia, Founder of Social Media Marketing Consultancy aimed at helping educational orgs.

Great distinction Michelle. It's a Buzzfeed community post written by USC Rossier School of Education. I missed that this paragraph that talks about it:


This post was created by a user and has not been vetted or endorsed by BuzzFeed's editorial staff. BuzzFeed Community is a place where anyone can post awesome lists and creations. Learn more or post your buzz!

Mr. Nesi's picture

I would like to invite you to check out my podcast, House of #EdTech on For this podcast I was the recipient of the 2015 Bammy! Educators Voice Award for Best Talk Show Host.

I have grown my love of education podcasts into the Education Podcast Network, I am also proud to recommend all the shows on the network:
Angela Watson's Truth for Teachers
The Cult of Pedagogy
Principally Speaking
Better Leaders Better Schools
PrincipalPLN Podcast
Transformative Principal
#PodcastPD: The Podcast
Always A Lesson's Empowering Educators Podcast
EduRoadTrip Podcast
Instructional TechTalk
EdTech You Should Know
TechEducator Podcast
Educational Podcasting Today
Techlandia Radio

Ryan O'Donnell's picture

Here is my list of fav Ed podcasts

Moving at the Speed of Creativity
House of Ed Tech
Wired Educator
Every Classroom Matters

And I will finish with a plug for my own called "Check This Out" a podcast where we share out cool ideas, tips, tools etc on a weekly basis

Terry Heick's picture
Terry Heick
founder/director at teachthought. humanist. technologist. futurist. macro thinker extraordinaire.

This is a great list Betty-and the comments below have some great suggestions too!

Pius Wong's picture
Pius Wong
Engineering Education Consultant

There's the new "K12 Engineering Education Podcast", too, focusing on how to bring engineering to kids before college. It's on all the major podcast hubs, but here's the central website:

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