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Game-Based Learning: Resource Roundup

Check out Edutopia's collection of articles, videos, and resources on using video games, simulations, and gaming concepts in the classroom.
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Games in the Classroom

  • Game-Based Learning in Practice, by Matthew Farber (2013)

    Farber explains what game-based learning looks like in practice in middle school classrooms.

  • Video Games in the STEM Classroom, by Shawn Cornally (2012)

    Cornally describes how he came to accept his students' passion for video games and channel some popular games into his STEM curriculum.

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Tips and Tools to Get Started

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Using Games for Learning and Assessment

  • What You Can Learn About Learning Through Video Game Play, by Ben Johnson (2014)

    Video game play can go beyond entertainment -- it can mean building on prior knowledge and taking risks with learning in order to grow skills and a greater understanding.

  • 3 Ways Coding and Gaming Can Enhance Learning, by Douglas Kiang (2014)

    Kiang, computer science teacher and edtech advocate, shows how the Inform7 language, the Minecraft game and the Maker-friendly Arduino kit can enhance learning in high school, middle school and elementary school classrooms.

  • What Can Educators Learn From the Gaming Industry? by Kelly Teng (2014)

    Teng and Cameron Baker, game developers with an interest in education, suggest that the gaming world can teach educators lessons about abstract thinking, enthusiastic engagement, and creative play in pursuit of knowledge.

  • James Paul Gee on Learning With Video Games, by Edutopia Staff (2012)

    Gaming expert Gee shares insights into why video games are such effective learning tools.

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Engaging Students With Innovative Programs

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Games for Social Good

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Straightforward Gamification Strategies

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