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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation
By Rebecca Alber

Teachers stand on the shoulders of giants who developed tried-and-true strategies by testing them out, reflecting on the outcomes, and honing those strategies over decades or longer.

By Matt Levinson

To meet Generation Z in their information-rich, results-oriented world, educators must think about adapting a new game plan to serve a new breed of student.

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Social and Emotional Learning
Teach Empathy With Digital Immigration Stories

By Sara Burnett

Create empathic moments in the classroom with a safe, welcoming environment for students to tell their family's immigration stories through the modalities of digital storytelling.

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By Suzie Boss

Whether the goal is for projects to happen occasionally or every day, lasting results require thoughtful school leadership.

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By Carol Morgan

The Creative Learning Loop teaches artistic thinking by fostering student inquiry and providing experience through clear criteria, peer feedback, and opportunities for revision.

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By Monica Burns

With wearable technology like Google Cardboard, Fitbit, GoPro, and the Apple Watch, students can gather data and inspiration to record their world or tell their stories.

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Technology Integration
The Era of the Teacherpreneur

By Heather Wolpert-Gawron

The teacherpreneur merges the image of the innovative classroom teacher with the risk-taking and entrepreneurial leadership we commonly associate with those who create their own place in the professional world.

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Get a roundup of educational grants, contests, awards, free toolkits, and classroom guides aimed at helping students, classrooms, schools, and communities. Check this page weekly to get the latest updates!

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By Rebecca Alber

Consider one of these six engaging and creative student projects to wrap of the school year.

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By G. Randy Kasten

Attorney and author G. Randy Kasten suggests that educators have an obligation to prepare young minds for the thickening information cloud they're already being forced to navigate.

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Teacher Leadership
The Myth of Having Summers Off

By Heather Wolpert-Gawron

When summer hits, teachers often find themselves busy with all the business they were unable to accomplish during the frantic school year.

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Social and Emotional Learning
Sometimes Misbehavior Is Not What It Seems

By Dr. Richard Curwin

Misbehaving students might like you too much or be physically attracted. Maybe they want attention or want you to prove yourself. Be sensitive to underlying reasons.

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Teaching Strategies
Avoiding "Learned Helplessness"

By Andrew Miller

Take responsibility for empowering students, and avoid the schooling habits that train them to seek a single right answer instead of exploring the learning process.

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By Matt Davis

To help combat summer learning loss, blogger Matt Davis curated a few fun and free education resources for students and parents to use over summer break.

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