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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation
By Suzie Boss

Check out these real-life examples of students playing an active role in their teachers' professional learning.

By Matt Davis

In honor of National Poetry Month in April, Matt Davis has put together a list of useful poetry links for educators, including resources from the web, Edutopia's most popular poetry-themed blogs, and other quick reads.

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By Todd Finley

The eight steps of EM include describing the concept or skill, reducing it to critical elements, thinking aloud, teaching with cues, and engaging students' senses.

By Joshua Block

PBL changes a teacher's traditional role through framing the learning, helping students develop ideas, consulting as they revise, and encouraging feedback, reflection, and authentic presentations.

By Matt Davis

In this collection, Matt Davis rounds up some of Edutopia's favorite Pi Day resources for teachers.

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By Elena Aguilar

Cultural values and learning practices transmitted from parents and from community guide how the brain wires itself to process information and handle relationships.

By Stacey Goodman

What happens when students and teachers converse, share experiences, and participate in activities together.

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By Raleigh Werberger

Butcher paper and Post-it notes can help students understand the collaborative thinking that takes place on a shared Google Doc.

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By Matt Davis

From interactive timelines and rich multimedia to lesson plans and study guides, find a variety of web resources that can help bring black history into the classroom.

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By Abby Wills

By adding a fun, creative element of focus and stillness to a classroom routine, you can help your students learn to appreciate and practice self-regulation.

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By Dr. Lori Desautels

Invite your students to participate in a behavioral model that helps them level up with their engagement and attitude -- much like a video game.

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By Rebecca Alber

Check out these questions to guide you in reflecting on how much the learning environment you have designed promotes student voice and choice.

13 1,798 25,869 views
By Andrew Miller

More than just numbers in a grade book, formative assessment practices can change how you teach, how your students learn, and how your classroom functions.

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By Dr. Richard Curwin

Instead of surrendering their power to the person who insults them, students should learn why some words are triggers and how to master their own reactions.

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