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9-12 Family and Consumer Science Teacher

Thank you so much for your

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Thank you so much for your article. It was just what I have looking for. I teach a Cultures and Cuisine class and we explore world hunger, its causes and solutions. I have use free rice before but was looking for a more authentic experience for my students. I also teach an Independent Living class that addresses online safety and identity thief. I will be checking out Data dealers.

Social studies teacher & educational technology adjunct pursuing an Ed.D.

Thanks! Feel free to email

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Thanks! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Special Education teacher from West Virginia

I will certainly be looking

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I will certainly be looking into the gaming organizations and developers you have discussed. I teach students with emotional and behavioral students. As part of the disorders, my students have a very difficult time distinguishing real from fantasy. Many play the gory video games and so I have tried to steer clear of using many virtual games within my classroom because the ones they want to play are not allowed at school. I often use video games for students after school and at home as a reward for good behavior, but I think I will start implementing these "games for the social good" as rewards during the school day. I think that they will really connect with these games and hopefully apply strategies to their own lives and community. Technology and media are such powerful resources we can use in education. I really enjoyed you bringing to light the positive sides of it.

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