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Student Engagement: Resource Roundup

Keeping students captivated and ready to learn throughout the year is no small task. Here's a list of articles, videos, links, and other resources that offer strategies and advice for keeping them engaged in learning.
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Tips and Strategies for Keeping Students Engaged

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Engagement Through Projects

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Engagement Through Technology

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Engagement Through Social and Emotional Learning

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KYLA's picture

I love all of these suggestions! Very helpful!

Andrew_Weiler's picture
Passionate about leading people to be the great language learners they all once were

Engagement is a critical to learning and is VERY different to having interesting lessons. Engagement in fact is a process which requires carefully engineered input and resources as well as constant fine tuning by the teacher to ensure that the learner stays at the "sweet spot", as much as possible. The skilled teacher recognises that this can only happen when the teacher watches and learns from what the learners are doing.
Here is a bit more of an insight into that in the area of language learning -

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