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Career Tech Meets College Prep: Downloads and Resources

Free tools, reading lists, web links and other resources to help bring this strategy to your school.
Kathy Baron
Former Edutopia reporter and editor, mother of two.
Credit: Ethan Pines

Resources On This Page:

Top Sites and Organizations

We've compiled a list of sites and organizations that provide useful information, background, and resources, helping you to better understand and implement Career and Technical Education.

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Rubrics, Curriculum, Certification, and Evaluation

Find out what it takes to put Career and Technical Education into practice. Here you'll find tools that will help you get started in your district, school or classroom.

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Internships, Mentorships, Partnerships

Internships are an integral part of successful Career and Technical Education programs. Here are templates, guides, and contracts that you can use to build your partnerships.

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Resources for Starting a CTE Program

Identify Local Industries and Occupations Important to the Region:

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Professional Development

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Materials from Bravo, Sheldon, and Laguna Creek

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Reading and Reports

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Additional Resources from Edutopia

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Chris Niemoeller's picture
Chris Niemoeller
Director/Coach at community supplementary educational service

This is an excellent summary of helpful information for those of us who are pursuing similar programs.

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