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Social Media in Education: Resource Roundup

This collection of blogs, articles, and videos from Edutopia aims to help teachers deploy social media tools in the classroom to engage students in 21st-century learning.
By Ashley Cronin, Edutopia

Creating Social Media Guidelines

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Student Engagement with Social Media

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Social Media for Professional Development

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Digital Citizenship and Online Safety

  • Digital Citizenship: Resource Roundup (Updated 2013)

    Check out Edutopia's collection of articles, videos, and other resources on internet safety, cyberbullying, digital responsibility, and media and digital literacy.

  • Student Fights Bullying with Positivity, by Kevin Curwick (Updated 2013)

    Student Curwick describes how he decided to fight high school cyberbullying with a positive-themed Twitter account and ended up launching a global niceness trend.

  • Rethinking COPPA in the Age of Social Media, by Audrey Watters (2011)

    The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act was put in place in 1998; journalist Audrey Watters suggests that it could be time for a review.

  • Discussion: How Do We Teach Digital Citizenship?

    Visit Edutopia’s community discussion about teaching students internet safety, digital and media literacy, and social media etiquette.

  • Edutopia’s Digital Citizenship Board on Pinterest

    We've teamed up with Common Sense Media to compile some of the best resources for parents, teachers and administrators to guide students to become positive digital citizens and leaders.

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