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School Leadership: Resource Roundup

For principals and other school administrators, this list of videos, blogs, and articles includes advice and tips on effective leadership strategies, partnering with teachers, and cultivating and retaining strong leaders.
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Top Tips for School Leaders

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Partnering With Teachers

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Cultivating Great School Leaders

  • What Makes a Great School Leader? by Elena Aguilar (2014)

    Longtime Edutopia contributor Aguilar highlights the three qualities she thinks most indicative of a great school leader: visionary leadership, community builder, and emotional intelligence.

  • Encouraging Teacher Leaders to Become Principals, by Bob Lenz (2014)

    Lenz discusses how a recent report offers a road map for system leaders to establish new standards, practices, and management structures for growing a strong pipeline of principals.

  • Don't Be Afraid to Give Direct Feedback, by Scott Taylor (2013)

    Superintendent and adjunct professor Taylor returns with advice about using reflective questions as a constructive way of delivering direct feedback.

  • Six Paths to Better Leadership, by Maurice Elias (2013)

    Elias outlines six important standards for school leaders to make a difference in the lives of their students and school communities. Also from Elias, "The Seven Characteristics of a Good Leader."

  • 21st-Century PLNs for School Leaders, by George Couros (2012)

    Couros, school district administrator, encourages social media newbies to expand their PLNs for their own professional development, as well as for the benefit of their students.

  • Why School Leaders Need to Stay Put, by Heather Wolpert-Gawron (2010)

    For better or worse, each member of a school administration affects the learning environment and the academic habitat of a school.

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