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I agree with Jennifer. It

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I agree with Jennifer.

It wasn't long ago, people stayed with their school districts 10, 20, 30 years. However, like so many other aspects of the field of education, the current atmosphere surrounding the position of administrator (and teacher) has made the job VERY unattractive. The workload is tremendous.

In fact, I notice most principals and assistant principals rarely stay with one school district more than two years anymore.....and districts seem to encourage that instability.

As someone who holds an principal's certificate, I'm often amazed that schools favor hiring candidates that are a some combination of inexperienced (as a teacher and/or administrator) or have hopped around from district-to-district. Inevitably, when they hire these people that have moved around a lot, they say, "Well, they're bringing all of that varied experience to us." You would think they would want some stability, especially in a high-profile position like that, but their logic and business practices dictate(s) otherwise.

Everything that's currently considered an acceptable work environment by school districts is probably making both new-comers to the profession and college students re-think their choices.

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Thanks for an interesting

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Thanks for an interesting article, Bob. I can understand why so many teachers would not pursue a principal's job -- the hours seem overwhelming and pressure seems to come from all directions. I think that as a culture, we need to re-design that role so that it attracts quality people.

Interestingly, I just conducted and published the results of a survey of 85 teachers to learn more about their relationships with their principals. It's a long report, but a fascinating read. I think the comments shed some light on why so many people see it as a miserable job. Still, many other comments offer some guidance on what teachers really need in a leader. You can read it at

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