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Resources for Organizing an Edcamp

Organizing an Edcamp? Kristen Swanson, chair of the Edcamp Foundation Partner Program, has curated resources from Edutopia and across the web to help you on your journey.
By Edutopia
Edutopia Team

Need some help getting started? The Edcamp Foundation's Mini-Grant Application will put you in touch with an experienced Edcamp organizer. For more about The Edcamp Foundation, including information about their mission and vision, visit The Edcamp Foundation website.

What is Edcamp?

  • Edcamp: Innovation in Professional Development (Getting Smart, 2012)

    In this interview with Getting Smart, teacher, Edcamper, and learner Kristen Swanson describes how the Edcamp movement began.

  • Why Edcamp? (Edutopia, 2013)

    Swanson discusses characteristics of Edcamps, what takes place during Edcamp sessions, and the positive, personal outcomes for educators.

  • EdCamp (Bill Selak, 2012)

    Teachers explain what to expect from an Edcamp in this promotional video. For more specifics about schedule and format, you may also want to check out Mike Caulfield's Common-Craft-style video, "What is an Edcamp?"

  • I’m Ruining Professional Development. Want to Help? (Massachusetts Teacher Association, 2012)

    Edcamp founder Dan Callahan talks about how and why the Edcamp unconference movement has grown so quickly and challenges educators to share great ideas with their communities and the world.

  • TEDxPhiladelphiaED - Kristen Swanson – EdCamp (TEDxPhiladelphiaED, 2011)

    Swanson calls teachers to action to take control of their own learning and “throw a bigger party” than the one available through traditional, “sit-and-get” professional-development opportunities.

  • Edcamp Radio (BAM Radio Network)

    Host Swanson talks with organizers from individual Edcamp events in the United States and beyond. Guests share themes, ideas, and their biggest pedagogical takeaways.

  • For more educator voices on Edcamps, check out these news and promotional videos, produced in association with specific Edcamp events:

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Planning an Edcamp

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Sponsors and Finances

Google Hangout on Sponsors and Finances (Kristen Swanson, 2012)

Organizers discuss finding sponsors, fundraising, securing supplies, and managing finances for Edcamps.

Edcamp-Friendly Sponsors for Freebies (Not Money)
Notify these organizations at least two months in advance:
  • Edutopia: membership (at) edutopia (dot) org
  • Voki: feedback (at) voki (dot) com
  • Flocabulary: info (at) flocabulary (dot) com
  • BrainPOP: hopea (at) brainpop (dot) com
  • Tinybop: kika (at) tinybop (dot) com
Suggestions for Finding Monetary Donations
  • Go to local education organizations (i.e. state ISTE affiliates, unions, etc.)
  • Ask local foundations.
  • Organizers have found that local funders are much more likely to give a monetary donation.
Sample Letters Asking for Donations

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Running an Edcamp at Your School

Edcamps: Remixing Professional Development (Edutopia, 2014)

Edutopia blogger Andrew Marcinek gives us a personal perspective on how the Edcamp model changed his professional focus and provides examples of how he's adapted this model for staff, students, and community.

#EdCamp Comes to Knapp Elementary – Part 1 (Joe Mazza, 2012)

Principal Joe Mazza explains how he set up an Edcamp-style in-service day for the teachers at his Philadelphia elementary school.

An Unconference Approach to Professional Development (Burlington High School Principal's Blog, 2010)

Principal Patrick Larkin writes about the experience of organizing teacher-centered, Edcamp-style professional development at Burlington High School in Massachusetts.

People to Follow on Twitter for Running an Edcamp at Your School:

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Additional Resources

  • Edcamp Twitter Hashtag and Edcamp Wiki

    Check out the #edcamp hashtag on Twitter to stay up-to-date with news and resources. Also, visit the Edcamp wiki’s complete edcamp calendar for a full list of upcoming Edcamps. You can find an abbreviated list of upcoming events in the United States in Canada on Edutopia’s events page, updated weekly.

  • Edcamp Logo (Edcamp on Wikispaces)

    Download logo files, and look at the logos for other events. (The Edcamp logo was created by Lorenzo Ibarra and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike Noncommercial 3.0 License; you can use it as is or adapt it for your event.

  • Qualitative Whitepaper (The Edcamp Foundation, 2012)

    The Edcamp Foundation put together this brief research report, a qualitative analysis of the Edcamp phenomenon.

  • State of the Edcamp (Smartblog on Education, 2013)

    Swanson discusses the growth of the Edcamp movement, how Edcamps have evolved over time, and what the future holds. For more about what's happening in the Edcamp movement, you might also want to listen to Vicki Davis's interview with Swanson, "An Inside Look at What’s New With the Edcamp Movement," an Every Classroom Matters podcast from BAM Radio Network.

  • Edcamp at ASCD (Kristen Swanson, 2012)

    Swanson muses about her experiences sharing the Edcamp model at the annual ASCD conference.

  • Just for Fun: The Epic Edcamp Lip Dub (Bill Selak, 2013)

    This #EduAwesome video, made in honor of Edcamp’s third birthday, was produced by Kristen Swanson and edited by Bill Selak, with music by Flocabulary.

  • A Guide to Hosting Your Own ParentCamp (Edutopia, 2013)

    Since Knapp Elementary held its first "ParentCamp," its learning community has been engaged in conversations far beyond those 27 discussion sessions led by local parents and teachers.

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Do you know of other useful resources, or are there other types of resources you'd like to see included on this page? Please share your feedback in the comments.

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Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Community Manager at Edutopia

I will also point out that we have several community facilitators at Edutopia who are also Edcamp organizers. If you have questions, please let us know, and we'll do our best to answer them.

Dan Callahan's picture
Dan Callahan
Professional Learning Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

Yes! I'm here and now that I've responded to this, I'll get an email any time somebody asks a question! Feel free to ask away!

Kristen Swanson's picture
Kristen Swanson
Teacher, Leader, Edcamper, Learner
Blogger 2014

Yes! There are many in the Edutopia community who are able to help out any Edcamper!!! Go Edcamp!

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