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I have been a middle school

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I have been a middle school ELA teacher for a total of 7 years with two of those years in a Specialist positionand I found this article really refreshing compared to other articles I have read concerning student engagement. This article provided sound advice on how to engage students without the need to "entertain" them instead of actively teach them. In an age where "student engagement" it seems as if the fundamentals and foundational skills needed to teach reading has been lost. I do agree that a class does need to be engaging but not entertaining. Students have to understand the process of learning can sometimes be difficult,but offers success once you have gone through the process.

Again thank you for this article.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Intervention Specialist, Ohio

Great article with helpful

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Great article with helpful strategies that I can implement in to my classroom. I really need to focus more on the genre selections rather than saying "here is what you're reading" and go through it. Great advice!

1st grade teacher from Tupelo, MS

Thanks! This article was very helpful...

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With the implementation of common core the integration of subjects is essential. Readers and Writers Workshop is a tool I have gathering information on for a while and a tool/strategy that I would love to incorporate into my classroom. I found the information you provided to be very beneficial. I love the examples you made available.

EFL teacher in South Korea.

Love this article. It's very

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Love this article. It's very helpful. I can even apply these strategies in my EFL classroom in Korea. I have already used the modeling strategy to show my students how I read and how they should try to read. I really like the idea of pre-reading strategies. I think my students especially need this to help them also comprehend the text of the story and not just be able to read it.

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Hassan Mansaray English Language Arts Teacher, Edwards Middle School

Edwards Middle School

  • Enrollment
    • (2011-12)
  • student demographics
    • 60% Hispanic
      17% African American
      14% Asian
      8% white
      1% multi-race, non-Hispanic
      49% free or reduced-price lunch
      25% special ed
      38% limited English proficient
  • Per-pupil operating expenditures
    • (2011-12)
      School: $7,651
      District: $17,283
      State (MA): $13,658
  • Student Achievement
    • Since Edwards began expanded learning time in 2006, through 2012,
      the percentage of students achieving proficiency or higher has grown
      - 150% in math,
      - 73% in reading,
      - 533% in science,
      and the average rate of suspensions has decreased 37%.