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Re: That sounds like a pretty

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Hi Andre - Thanks for your interest! You can learn more about how Mesquite implements their Reteach and Enrich program in our video ( and article ( If you have specific questions, feel free to post them and we'll find out the answers for you.

Science Teacher

This was great. I am going

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This was great. I am going to show it to my principal in hopes we could find a way to implement this at my school.

I too am very interested in

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I too am very interested in this program. From what I have read and watched via video so far it sounds very well put together! It just goes to show you that no matter how much or how little you have, if you work together great things can happen! Keep up the good work Mequite Elementary!

Elementary Teacher in low-income school

What a GREAT concept.

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Reteach & Enrich sounds like a wonderful program that encourages student learning. It is essential that we celebrate student success, even in times of school "failure", because if students are discouraged their education will continue to suffer. It's easier to work when you feel like you can do something than when you feel you can't. Reteach & Enrich seems like an extremely effective type of differentiated instruction, providing students the opportunities to learn and develop.
In my school, teachers shared responsibilities with a type of reteach and enrich...when teaching lessons, students that were falling behind and in need of reteaching were grouped with one teacher, students who were excelling and in need of enrichment with another. This provided the students an opportunity to learn and grow in an environment catered to them. Each time groups were moved, the "reteach" teacher and the "enrich" teacher would be different so that students never felt they were the "dumb ones" or the "smart ones". This concept makes differentiation and reteach/enrich type teaching more manageable.

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The Reteach Enrich program

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The Reteach Enrich program sounds similar to our Instructional Focus but with a lot more structure. Our goal is to identify traditionally weak standards and provide intervention prior to students falling behind. The issue is that we need proven intervention strategies and time set aside to implement them.

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That sounds like a pretty

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That sounds like a pretty good program. What does it consist of?

I love the idea of Reteach

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I love the idea of Reteach and Enrich! I wonder how we could implement it in the the NYC school system that is struggling to stay afloat. We are losing so many teachers and they expect more from everyone at the same time. The other hard part is getting everyone on board and I love that your school has everyone working together for the greater good of your students.

I am pretty intrigued with

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I am pretty intrigued with the Reteach Enrich program that the Mequite Elementary school implemented into their school. I love how they still found a positive to bring into the school even though several teachers were let go and the economy is still plummetting. The video helped me see the collaboration that teachers are doing in order to make a difference in the students' achievements and to further each of their skills no matter what level the studen may be at. Teachers must work together and help one another strive on their strengths in order to have such a positive, encouraging outcome. As shown, test scores have gone up and the teachers are all on board at this school. It would help for more school systems to mirror this Arizona based one. Moving slower and that extra time allottment for review makes a huge difference when assessing students' knowledge and reinforcement with a particular concept will help them grow.

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David Markus Former Editorial Director of Edutopia; dad of 4 (3 kids in public school)

Mesquite Elementary School

  • Featured strategy:
    • Differentiated Instruction
  • Location:
    • Tucson, AZ
  • Setting:
    • Suburban
  • Grades:
    • K-5
  • Enrollment:
    • (2010-11)
  • Student population:
    • (2010-11)
      22% qualify for free or reduced-price lunch
      56% Caucasian
      31% Latino
      7% African American
      5% Asian/Pacific Islander
      <1% Native American
      12% individualized education programs
      3% English-language learners
  • Total per pupil dollars spent:
    • (2010)
      School: $6,252
      District: $6,815
      State (AZ): $7,609
  • Student Achievement:
    • Mesquite Elementary School has been labeled "excelling," the highest rating from the State of Arizona, for eight consecutive years.