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Can you sense the emotion above? *cute wink* We stick powerful SEL into tunes that appeal to kid's souls. Thank you for describing exactly why that works! I wish more teachers could grasp the power of the mushroom cloud. This is spot on and fabulous :-) Standing ovation. You have just made me so happy.

School counselor and creator of

Thank you Terry. I really

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Thank you Terry. I really appreciate your consideration of this important aspect of the education process. I'd love to share my relationship resource I've created with you and get your feedback. Thanks again and keep up the good work.

Exactly! Students learn (or

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Exactly! Students learn (or not) through emotion. When teaching, you have to present the material that will spark something in them. They have to have a connection to the material or it is lost completely.
While I was doing Pre-Clinicals, I did a lesson on Supreme Court Cases. Since I was teaching 8th graders, I picked cases that involved students around their age or cases that they could personally relate to. Their job was to be the 10th Justice and write a short opinion on whether they agreed with the decision or dissented. The students read the cases and audible gasps were coming from some of them (due to the facts of the original case and the outcome). It was really neat to see their reactions during the discussion and opinion writing. I used those as a part of a "bulletin board" (more accurately, I took up an entire wall in the hallway) and put all of their opinions on it. They were loving every minute. Even students from other wings were stopping to read it.
Learning is just not tests, facts, figures. It's about how the students feel about those tests, facts, and figures. We, as educators, must ensure that they care (another emotion) enough to learn them. That is how they will be successful.
Thank you for reminding us about this important piece of the learning puzzle.

Third Grade Teacher- NJ

Great article!

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This article was a breath of fresh air! So often we are focused solely on test scores, data, standards, and assessments that we forget what should be at the heart of teaching- emotion. As a third grade teacher, I constantly feel pressure to have my students do well on the mandated state testing. However, I did not go into teaching to have my students do well on one test! I went into teaching to show compassion, offer inspiration, and to light a fire within students. This article reminded me that I DID go into teaching for the right reasons. That emotion is a crucial part of student learning. Thanks for sharing!

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