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Thanks for this article, in a

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Thanks for this article, in a reading strategies workshop I attended yesterday, we learned about a comprehension activity to help students connect their minds wanderings to text. Students were given a paper of a squiggly line, and had to connect it to the lesson that was covered. It gave students the opportunity to discuss their thinking and drawing and make connections to the text. It was interesting to hear the stories!

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I think teachers should also

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I think teachers should also take a look at Brain Rules by John Medina He is also a teacher, and has a lot of great tips for increasing attention and focus. He has handouts on the site, videos, an audio book- and all are constructed to help us understand how the brain is wired. As teachers and parents, we need to know how to make sure we're engaging our kids and maintaining their focus through our behavior, as well as putting some of the onus on them.
I also think we have to understand the first battle may be holding attention, but the second battle is making sure we do what is necessary to transfer and consolidate information into long term memory- and this goes beyond just focus itself :)

Thanks for that. It would be

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Thanks for that. It would be of great help and recourse in developing students' focus,

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