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Education writer for and adjunct professor

Parent trigger laws are not

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Parent trigger laws are not just an assault on education, they are a calculated attack on the fundamental principles of our democracy and the bi-partisan support for them is the clearest indication yet that our politicians do not have a long-term plan for education. Those who know education best (teachers) and those who know their children best (parents), need to work together to help move education forward. Parents should be aiming to "pull the trigger" on politicians who continually cut the funding needed for teachers to do their jobs, not the teachers who are struggling to perpetually do more with less.

Washington State public education activist/blogger

Here in Washington State we

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Here in Washington State we don't have charter schools and have voted them down three times. Nonetheless, they are on the ballot again.

This time, however, embedded in the initiative, is a trigger law which would be the harshest in the country.

It would allow a charter to take over ANY school, failing or not, with a petition with the majority of signatures from either parents OR teachers.

There is NO other trigger like this in the country.

Imagine - 18 teachers in an elementary school and 10 of them could sign a petition and allow a non-failing school to be taken over - building and all - by a charter.

This is NOT good public policy and we are fighting it.

Williamsburg and Greenpoint Parents: Our Public Schools!

Thanks for pointing out what

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Thanks for pointing out what so many of us have been trying to convey to our local elected officials and the media. Our district wants strong community schools with diversity in the classroom and support for our most at-risk families. We parents have been virtually ignored in favor of "choice." It seems that according to the NYC DOE and the federal government, the only "choice" that they won't support is our neighborhood schools.

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