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The start of the school year is an anxious time for new teachers. And in these first few weeks of classes, those of you new to teaching probably have plenty of questions. Luckily there's a wealth of information online that will help these first few weeks run as smooth as possible.

Where to start? Every Wednesday at 5 p.m. PST, Edutopia blogger and community facilitator Lisa Dabbs hosts New Teacher Chat on Twitter -- hashtag #ntchat. The weekly chats offer new teachers the chance to connect with experienced educators and others new-to-the-profession around the country, pose questions and ask for advice.

Also, our resource roundup for rookie teachers features a ton of insightful blogs on subjects like classroom management, lesson planning and building professional relationships. To help you on your way, here are a few other useful tips from around the Web.

  • Pinterest Resource Roundups for Teachers: Many teachers are active on Pinterest -- as is Edutopia -- and there are a ton of awesome pinboards that were designed with new teachers in mind. Take a look at Glenn York Elementary’s board, parent group Small Types’ roundup; and blogger/educator Heather aka HoJo’s list.
  • New (Middle School) Teacher 911 from MiddleWeb: If you're a new teacher in a middle school classroom, this is a great premier. MiddleWeb -- a website for middle school educators -- has collected a host of great resources for new teachers -- from educators offering advice, to classroom management tips.
  • New Teacher Resources from TeacherVision: This roundup from TeacherVision covers all the bases. Really, it seems there an answer here for just about every new teacher question.
  • The Best Advice for New Teachers from Around the Web: Author Larry Ferlazzo has a fabulous round-up of links to great teacher advice on his personal site. Some pieces are thought-provoking, some light-hearted; Either way, it's a great list of experienced educators sharing their thoughts with teachers new to the profession.
  • A Few Quick Reads: Advice for New Teachers

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    Todd Sentell's picture
    Todd Sentell
    Author of the hilarious schoolhouse memoir, "Can't Wait to Get There. Can't Wait to Leave"

    I taught a workshop one time at a statewide conference of independent school teachers on how to be a successful teacher your rookie year and I told them that you don't really have to love kids to be a great teacher ... you just have to understand them. All the teachers in the room agreed with me. That was a real nice moment. I couldn't believe I had actually hit on some remarkable, agreed-upon truth in a profession I was real green at. One woman was asleep, so I'll never really know if she agreed or not.

    Being fascinated helps, too. If you're a teacher and you're genuinely fascinated with children, teenagers, and young people and what they say and do and how they interact with you and each other, then you'll always have fun at work, every day. This is why some people teach until they croak and why most policemen police for a long time, too.

    Michael Woods's picture
    Michael Woods
    Future middle school math teacher from Houston, Texas.

    Thanks for all these useful links that will help me when I have to setup my first classroom in a year. I know I will be nervous but these tools will help me certainly.

    Ariel Henson's picture
    Ariel Henson
    Future Secondary English Educator

    Thank you for this post! I love the fact that we will be able to interact with others via chat on Twitter! This is a great idea to tell and share any ideas, questions or concerns. The provided resources will definitely be a great help for me once I become the teacher of my own classroom.

    Ms. Jordan's picture
    Ms. Jordan
    4h Grade Math Teacher

    Thanks for the resources. I found some of them to be very helpful and a great guide to my future students success. Also a great tool to help me through presenting new curriculum to the class.

    Henry C. Darnell's picture
    Henry C. Darnell
    4-8 Generalist Pre-Service Teacher Canidate

    Thank you for the blog post, it is relevant to my career because when looking at the one and a half years left i have left to go before i go into the classroom it is great to see materials and resources tat will help me in the long run.

    Timo's picture

    Thank you for the resources.

    Please allow me to add to the list.

    It is definitely worth a try. It is web based so it works on all interactive whiteboards and you don't need training to get the most out of this because it is truly easy to use.

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