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As a founder of two charter

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As a founder of two charter schools in New Mexico, and a former Public Education Department employee, I must commend Journey's in Film for their efforts to not only expose our students to other cultures outside of New Mexico, but also to bring global issues into our classrooms so students will be able to better grasp how their lives are impacted daily in so many areas of their lives. The use of carefully-selected films is an innovative and engaging instructional strategy that will capture attention and give students an authentic experience that they will be to relate to and remember.

Full disclosure, I worked

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Full disclosure, I worked with Eileen in Maryland. Eileen was instrumental in me creating a Film Literature class when I moved and taught in Indiana. Journey's in Film was a great resource for that class. My classes were designed to teach the literary, dramatic, and cinematic aspects of film. I used film and literature to illustrate and apply those aspects. We finished the class with a student produced 30 minute short film that applied those aspects in their films. The class was a great success and Eileen was instrumental in that because she shared her love of film and curriculum with me early on in my career.

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