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Technology Director / Conval School District

One thing? I no longer try

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One thing? I no longer try to read every tweet and every link within every tweet! For me, I think part of my strategy has been to be comfortable with skimming over some tweets till something grabs my attention. I used to try to read everything, because there was so much great stuff and I wanted to know all of it. Having stepped away from Twitter for awhile has reminded me to give myself permission, so to speak, to be detached from that desire. I'm okay with missing some of the conversations and great resource links, in favor of a greater feeling of balance.

Community Manager at Edutopia

Cathy, thank you for sharing

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Cathy, thank you for sharing your story. I'm hoping it will inspire others who may have felt overwhelmed when first connecting to give it a try again.

Can I ask--what's been the one thing that really helped you keep things manageable?

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