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Parent of 2 elem, 2 middle and 1 high school Public School students in MD

My children have used a great

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My children have used a great nonprofit curriculum in school called Touchstones Discussion Project ( that has been great for encouraging critical thinking and collaboration skills. It aligns really well with Common Core on many levels.

Cooperative Education Coordinator, Randolph Technical Career Center. #VTed

"Teaching is two-parts

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"Teaching is two-parts planning, one-part reflection, and extra heavy on the experimentation."
Love this expression. Parallels my own. "Plan ahead to reflect back. Reflect back to plan ahead." My guess is that your one-part reflection leads into the second part of the two-parts planning.
A great way to increase collaboration (and to improve your practice) is to ask another teacher to observe your classroom and to be a part of your reflective process.
It also opens the door to allow you to apply your own "Strategies for Listening" and to "Practice Persuading" by clearly explaining your intent and actions as the best course for reaching your planned goals for the lesson.
Using a protocol would help to clarify for yourself and the observer what you hope to accomplish. Here is one list of many out there.

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