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Educational neuroscientists

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Educational neuroscientists tell us that seamless integration with the performing arts is applicable to all curriculum, from STEM to common core. CAT scans and modern scientific data reveal that this is how the brain learns. For instance, performing arts help transfer information in the common core from immediate memory to working memory and eventually long term storage. The arts build amazingly sophisticated whole brain cues and connections which make learning so much more fun and retrieval a joy.

As a professional musician and actor, seventeen years ago I took it the next step. And only this year has science caught up with me. One must start with “mindful, cognitive behavioral therapy” or as Sousa states in his Information Processing Model “cognitive belief systems” (How the Brain Learns). None of you have thought about that, have you? You’re academics and you’ve never had to earn a living as a performing artist where anxiety and fear can destroy your livelihood the same way it destroys a child’s life by freaking them out for the three levels of high stakes testing forced on them WHICH HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH LEARNING AND SUCCESS and everything to do with dumbing down and failure.

For further scientific data and a succinct explanation (plus you don’t have to buy any books) may I suggest you read the following:
I. Optimum Learning State (Mindfulness at Every Turn ):

II. Learning Strategies (Why Music Makes the Brain Sing):
III. Artistic Performance and Long Term Storage (retain and recall) (Screen Actors Guild “The Nature of Creativity” ) a collaboration of the NYC Board of Education, New York University and Screen Actors Guild (I am affiliated with all three - synchronicity) Theatre, film acting and recording with any available apps:

IV. Musical Notes to Neurons – Pentatonic - Plasticity( Bobby McFerrin Demonstrates the Power of the Pentatonic Scale at the World Science Festival

Howard Gardner in his book Art, Mind and Brain states: “Leonard Bernstein asserts that indeed there is a basic melody which children all over the world first chant - the UR-song”. And thus it is with all learning and knowledge through the performing arts, as demonstrated by Bobby McFerrin in the above Musical Notes to Neurons.

In conclusion, from Professor Doriel Larrier, with whom I taught in Brooklyn, NY: "Tribute to you Mr. Mizerski...I am the cheerleader for testing grades at (PS) 315 this year...I couldn't let them sit without your mantra in their heads...I am smart, I am strong, I am confident all day long!!!! We’ll be chanting it at 8:00am tomorrow - listen in the wind!!"

Contact me, because I want to teach teachers how to get students to want to learn how to learn specific curricula using music, performing arts, recording and reviewing technology and positive reinforcement for their cognitive behavioral system(stress management and confidence building techniques and systems) strategies to discover the joy of lifelong learning through artistic expression. The best movie you will ever watch is the mind movie of yourself on television being a total success in front of your peers.

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