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Amanda, thank you for taking the time to share this approach to mobile device integration. Does your district have any resources posted online to support teachers, and if so, could you share some links here?

Also, I am curious as to why your district labels this BYOD if students and teachers are only using district-owned devices. And you mention mostly iPads and laptops are being used. Are there other devices and if so, what are they? Does each classroom have a 1:1 ratio of devices to students?

English Teacher

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I love this idea! We are implementing a 1:1 initiative in our middle school grades, but unfortunately are not able to do it k-12. This is a way to help students use this technology and also to differentiate what they use and how they use it. It is true that it is not practical any more to have all students doing the exact same thing at the exact same time, so this idea works well to meet individual student needs in a creative and resourceful way. Thanks!

K-8 Technology Integration Specialist at the Hartford School District, VT

Clarification about 1:1

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Hi jmarkeyAP,

Thanks for your comment. My post was not meant as a criticism of a traditional 1:1, and I agree with your point, "I think the most important thing is that every school makes the best decision they can for their students."

We chose to go this route for a variety of reasons as outlined above, but also because we saw this as an avenue to challenge our teachers and students to use technology differently, rather than just replacing our current lab model. I agree that you can be innovative and differentiate in a traditional 1:1. We were just looking to try another approach.

I am glad to hear that your teachers and students are thriving in their 1:1. I would be happy to talk in more detail about some of the ways they adapting instruction with this model.

Principal, East Leyden High School

Interesting perspective

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Thank you for sharing your school's experiences and perspectives. I think the most important thing is that every school makes the best decision they can for their students. I'm a little confused by one particular statement, "It is no longer optimal to have everyone do the same thing, at the same time, in the same way." Is this your primary challenge of a 1:1 environment? I would suggest, at least in our case as a 1:1 school, that we are actually more diversified in our approach than ever part because we have a consistent device for every students.

Let me explain. Since teachers and students do not have to concern themselves with device selection per activity or concerns about access to a similar/compatible device outside of class our teachers have went to great lengths in various directions to enhance and transform student learning. By providing a web-based device to every student, we did the opposite of limit students and teachers but instead opened up the opportunities presented by the web which are vast and truly limitless.

Again, I want to stress I am not being critical of your school's approach,, but merely taking issue with what I perceived as a criticism of 1:1.

Thanks again for sharing,


I enjoyed reading this blog!

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I enjoyed reading this blog! I think having diverse technology tools is a great advantage for students and teachers; this gives students the ability to learn the functions and purposes of multiple devices. Meeting with teachers about using the different devices is essential as well and could really benefit the overall program. So often, teachers are given new devices without training or ideas on how to incorporate them into lessons, and it becomes a waste of funds because the tools are not being utilized. This is something that I would like to incorporate in my classroom and hopefully get others on board so we can collaborate as a team, great ideas!

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