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I train educators to use a coaching approach in their teaching practice

Model for Excellence An

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Model for Excellence

An example of Parents as Experts... 'Transfer' - a non-profit organisation in Sweden - has a powerful model for bringing adults into the classroom. Simply put, Transfer co-ordinates speakers and teachers. The speakers sign up to represent their profession / life choices, and the teachers send their requests to Transfer who then matches the request with a potential speaker... for free!

Here's an example of a request (in Swedish) "Hur motiverar du dig redan i åk 1 på gymnasiet för ditt kommande yrkesliv?", which in English is "How can you motivate yourself in your first colleage year towards your professional life?"

Transfer make the connection between speaker and teacher, who then develops the question and response with the speaker into some kind of talk, presentation or workshop.

After the talk, Transfer does an evaluation and gives the speaker written feedback (and a score!) from the teacher and students. Personally, the feedback is better than wages!

The website is

It shows that they currently have 472 schools and 3401 speakers. Transfer has been running for ten years now.

Educational Consultant/Author, Southern California

Excellent! Not only using

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Excellent! Not only using expert resources to validate your projects but reinforcing the students' belief in the teamwork of parents and school.

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