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First grade teacher. I teach in Takoma Park, MD

Just so you know, I'm about

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Just so you know, I'm about to start my 23 year of teaching. The butterflies are still there and you are right. It is the last weekend before teachers report back. I'll admit that I cleaned out a couple of binders today. By the way, where I teach is still accurate, but I am very happy to be returning to pre-k after four years in other grades. That age is my most favorite!

Instructional Technology Specialist

Butterflies of August

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Your post resonated with me immediately as I've been reflecting about the beginning of school. This will be my 9th year of teaching. I spent many years in business before transitioning to teaching. The major life lesson that I have learned in this journey is your topic #2: communication.

I have been so fortunate to have a colleague with whom I've bounced ideas - good and bad - and developed unit plans, lesson plans, activities. So far this August, we've had 2 major telephone meetings to plan out the sequence of curriculum for the year (we're Tech Teachers), to identify first day of school plans (being Special Area Teachers, we have 6 first days of school), and to talk out strategies meshed with pedagogy. Some of our best ideas are those that we've discussed at length, because they have gone through a natural vetting process of bouncing pro's and con's between us and planning for any clarification needs. From that process we come up with a hybrid idea based on both of our thoughts.

So my additional comment, particularly to new teachers, is to locate at least one colleague with whom you can partner and communicate. I have found that the butterflies are much easier to handle because this shared planning empowers me to do my best and enjoy the start of school!

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