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Vice Principal, St. Leo the Great School, San Jose, Ca.

Good info- I'm passing this

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Good info- I'm passing this along, particularly to my school's resource teacher for some of the younger-grade ELA practice apps. Thanks.

Our younger students have used Blackboard Math - it simulates writing on a chalk/whiteboard and cuts to the chase re learning math (not a lot of bells and whistles, but good practice). Here's a writeup I did on it

There is also, an apps eval startup that has about 4000 ELA and Math app reviews. They use a research-based approach to evaluations (not just 'it's a good babysitter, so 5 stars!'), which can be an issue when looking at reviews/ratings on Google Play.

Such a nice information about

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Such a nice information about android app to shows the different languages at new master skills provided to the students.

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