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Fourth Grade Special Education

Reflections should be used in

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Reflections should be used in every classroom. Often teachers can’t seem to find the time to use this tool. I can just see myself using the Let Go activity on myself and the students’ right before the big state test in May. You have some great techniques list here. Thank you for sharing.

High school teacher - Australia


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Reflection is so important in classrooms. Sometimes it is hard to find the time or get into that mindset. We have difficulty looking back, and just want to go to the very next activity right away. But the learning comes in the reflecting.

So many kids need these strategies to calm them down. They (and we as teachers) lead such hectic lives. This is something I've been thinking about for a while now!

Mike - Not Your Parent

1st grade teacher from Spokane WA

I appriciate your thoughts on

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I appriciate your thoughts on becoming calm and reflective. My current course studies discuss the importance of being reflective. I think this is a good tool to teach students as well. I can see using the color, breathing activity with my first graders to calm them and get them to focus on a particular task.

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