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HI Becky - yes Suzie is

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HI Becky - yes Suzie is awesome. I was on a show with Rae Pica on BAM Radio recently where we talked about 2014 trends - it is really the best place where I've shared the trends I think are important for 2014. Here's the link Thanks for asking. Sorry it took me a bit to answer, I was out of town! ;-)

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This is a great post, Vicki.

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This is a great post, Vicki. I learned so many new things from Edutopia in 2013. It's been a great resource for a variety of things from current trends to curriculum ideas to community support. You've picked out a few of my favorites including Redesigning your Classroom and Engaging Projects by Suzie Boss. I'm looking forward to learning more with the Edutopia community in 2014.

What type of trends do you expect to see in the new year?

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