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STEM Everywhere: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in the Real World

STEM Everywhere Video Series

Explore STEM education in settings beyond the classroom walls, and see how opportunities to learn science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all around us. From science-based internships, to student-run makerspaces, to after-school activities, STEM is everywhere. 

The videos in this series were produced by Mobile Digital Arts, and were made possible through generous support from the Noyce Foundation.
  • Learning the Physics of Skateboarding Engages Kids in Science

    Skate veteran and educator Bill Robertson, also known as "Dr. Skateboard," teaches students who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks about speed, velocity, and momentum at the local skate park.

  • How the Maker Movement Connects Students to Engineering and Tech
    Eighth-grader Quin uses his passion for electronics to teach fellow students about 3D printing, arduinos, and other hands-on lessons in STEM skills. 
  • From STEM Clubs to Careers in Science

    An after-school program at a local science museum sparked high school student Mariah's passion for teaching and learning about science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Now she thrives in an internship where she mentors middle school kids.

  • Growing the Trees of Knowledge

    Have you ever tried making music with potatoes? What about conducting electricity with your hands? Jay Silver, MIT PhD and the co-inventor of Makey Makey, shows how hacking everyday objects can help students practice curiosity and invention.

More Edutopia Resources for STEM Education

  • Topic Page: STEM

    This feed of all the latest Edutopia resources around STEM education can help you learn more and discover how to implement STEM lessons in the classroom and beyond. 

  • STEM to STEAM: Resource Roundup, by Ashley Cronin (2014)

    Whether you are looking for resources related to integrating science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) or infusing arts, design, and humanities to transform STEM into STEAM, this curated compilation will help you strategize around different approaches to integrated studies.

  • Research-Based Practices for Engaging Students in STEM Learning, by Vanessa Vega (2012)

    From our Schools That Work series: Dig in to the research behind why STEM learning can be a powerful tool for making connections across subjects, and learn about the innovative and effective practices at a high school focused on STEM in Cleveland.

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