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Back-to-School Resources for School Leaders

Explore resources from Edutopia and the Web that support school leaders -- including principals and other administrators -- as they guide school communities into a new school year.

Strategies That Make a Difference

  • What Makes a Great School Leader? by Elena Aguilar (Edutopia, 2014)

    Aguilar highlights the three qualities she thinks most indicative of a great school leader: exhibiting visionary leadership, acting as a community builder, and demonstrating emotional intelligence.

  • A Teacher Perspective: Advice for Principals, by Ben Johnson (Edutopia, 2013)

    Johnson offers his observations to administrators to help them support and build better relationships with teachers.

  • Successful School Leaders Know: People Come First, by Camilla Benbow (Vanderbilt University, 2012)

    Benbow, the Patricia and Rodes Hart Dean of Education and Human Development at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College, discusses research on school leadership and five key responsibilities for school principals.

  • My Back to School Speech, by Dean Shareski (Ideas and Thoughts, 2013)

    Shareski shares the words that he would most like to hear from leadership at the start of a new school year -- food for thought for school leaders mulling over their own new-school-year messaging.

  • Five Leadership Strategies for the New Year, by Eric Sheniger (Edutopia, 2011)

    Sheninger, a former high school principal, presents his ideas on leadership during challenging times and offers up several strategies for back-to-school.

Explore strategies for maintaining balance, retaining focus on key priorities, managing limited time, and staying organized at the start of a busy school year:

Also, whether you’re a new or veteran administrator, these tip lists include useful advice and reminders:

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Engaging Families and Community

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Planning Purposeful Teacher Development

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Building School Culture and Climate

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Connected Digital Leadership

  • Tech Integration and School Culture, by Andrew Marcinek (Edutopia, 2014)

    Marcinek fits together three of the puzzle pieces for a school-wide tech integration initiative: developing a trusting, open culture; embracing risk and innovation; and turning PD into exploratory, sharing experiences.

  • Learn How to Be a Digital Leader (PrincipalCast, 2014)

    Eric Sheninger joins the hosts of PrincipalCast to talk about how to become a digital leader. For more on this topic, you may also want to read Sheninger's post on TeachThought, "7 Pillars of Digital Leadership in Education."

  • 21st-Century PLNs for School Leaders, by George Couros (Edutopia, 2012)

    Couros encourages social media newbies to expand their PLNs for their own professional development, as well as for the benefit of their students.

  • #Satchat: A Great Way for Administrators to Connect, by Brad Currie (Edutopia 2012)

    Vice principal Currie explains the origins of the #Satchat group on Twitter, and describes how school administrators can benefit from expanding their Personal Learning Network.

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