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WINGS for Kids is just one model of innovative uses of the after-school hours.

WINGS for Kids is just one model of innovative uses of the after-school hours.

The after-school hours are a ripe -- and often underused -- opportunity for substantive teaching and learning. The WINGS for Kids program in Charleston, South Carolina, has tapped those hours to teach children important social and emotional skills, like managing their feelings and working well with others.

Innovative after-school models are being pioneered across the country -- and Edutopia has spotlighted several. For a look at the diverse possibilities, check out our in-depth coverage of full-time learning or these individual examples:

Girl wearing goggles doing science experiment

Pursuing Passions After School: Chicago's Model Educational-Enrichment Effort

Community mentors help the After School Matters program serve more than 25,000 Chicago students.

Boy with exacto knife building a model out of foam

Build SF: Architecting the Next Generation of Young Professionals

The Build San Francisco Institute is an academic program created by the Architectural Foundation of San Francisco designed to help high school students earn up to fifteen hours of credit learning design, engineering, and architecture skills.

Man helping boy with electric car

Citizen Schools: Picking Up Performance When the School Day Ends

Citizen Schools is a national network of after-school programs that connects students with adult mentors, develops school-community ties, and uses project-learning curricula.

Girl and boy choosing guitars for a class

PASA: Connecting Youth to a Community-Built System of After-School Programs

The Providence After School Alliance is a leader of and role model for cities across the nation in developing citywide campus centers that keep students in stimulating, safe environments with caring adults during the after-school hours.

This article originally published on 10/11/2010

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Main ideas behind the

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Introducing innovative

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Introducing innovative after-school models is an efficient way to offer an exciting opportunity specially the students for getting successful by proper utilizing after school program each and every events.Glad to know about such extraordinary participation.olavie

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