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So Delicious: A Must-Use Bookmarking Tool

Chris O'Neal

Educational consultant and former blogger
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We've talked about Web 2.0 tools here a couple times before. Here's a tool every one of you should use -- just trust me on this one -- called Delicious. I've been using it for about a year and a half or so, and it just keeps getting better. Its latest revision makes it a must-have for anyone who surfs the Internet and saves bookmarks (also known as favorites).

Delicious is, by bare description, an online bookmarking tool: You find a site you like, and you bookmark it so you can return later. Delicious takes your computer-based bookmarks and puts them online. That way, no matter where you are, you have access to all of them.

Picture this scenario from yesteryear: You're in a workshop, someone shows you a cool Web site, and you write the URL down on a Post-it note. When you got home, you visit it on your home computer, and maybe bookmark it there. Then, a few days later, you're back at school, and you want to go to that site in class, but, darn it, you can't remember the exact URL, and you don't have that Post-it note with you. Bummer -- you'll have to recopy the URL onto a new Post-it note when you get home and take that with you to school the next day. Or, if you're really modern, you email it to yourself! Well, those days are long gone.

If the above scenario sounds familiar, jump into 2007 and start using Delicious. You save your bookmarks online, so the Post-it-note scenario doesn't apply anymore. No matter where you are, if you're in front of an Internet-connected computer, you have access in your Delicious account to every bookmark you've saved. That should sell you right there. But it gets so much better.

By being a Delicious user you are, in essence, sharing your bookmarks with the world of other Delicious users. That's cool, because if you and I are both fourth-grade teachers, saving bookmarks about volcanoes, it might be fun to know what other bookmarks you're saving because, chances are, I might like to use those same sites with my kids. In the old days, if I never met you, I wouldn't be able to tap into your bookmark library. But I can with this free tool. When you save a site into your Delicious account, you'll see a link that refers to how many other people have saved that URL. Click on that link, and you can see who else has bookmarked that site, and the other sites they bookmarked.

In addition, the site's genius works on the tagging concept: You tag the sites you've found with keywords that help organize them, and make them easier for others to find. For example, I've saved the URL for, and I used the tagwords "video," "technology integration," "pbl," and "resources."

This is social bookmarking: I want to connect to you and share my bookmarks with others around the world. I want to learn from you based on your bookmarks. I also want to save time, because maybe you have already filtered through the ten million Google sites that reference volcanoes and have found a handful that are perfect for the classroom.

Use the same judgment you use with any other tool. Try it yourself first before you use it with your students. It's a site that links to other sites, so you never know what you might find, but that's the good thing. For more information, check out this video by Jeff Utecht and posted on YouTube that explains how to use Delicious. Once you get used to it, try the browser add-ons, which make it even quicker. If you're familiar with RSS, you can even subscribe to other people's bookmarks. Ah, the power of social networking!

I just did a two-day workshop for school principals, and they are now completely addicted to Delicious. Share your thoughts -- or, better yet -- your Delicious accounts and experiences with us here. You'll find mine (quite a hodgepodge) at edleadersonline.

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Chris O'Neal

Educational consultant and former blogger

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Sue Rockwood's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Here are a few of my favorite uses for this:
1. Try setting up a delicious account for a class (my middle school students have one) so they can bookmark their research. (Have them use their first name or initials as a "tag" and you will be able to see the kind of research they are doing!).
2. Have a delicious account for all the teachers on a teaching team, or all the teachers at the school to share. Then, all the teachers can tag things for themselves, and they can tag things "to-print/share" "FYI--Primary Team," etc.
3. Set up a "tag" for "Primary students" or "Craig's Math Groups"--then drag a link to that tag onto the web browser's toolbar on the school computers. Then you can "tag" things once, at home or anywhere, and it will automatically be there when a student clicks on the toolbar link to "Craig's Math Groups." No more getting the students to type in a web address and losing 5 minutes of lab time.

I blogged about our school's use here:
And I put a lesson plan for the first idea up here:
Here's the delicious account our teachers are sharing (It needs an end of year sorting):

Nicole Naditz's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Has anyone compared this to ikeepbookmarks? That is the online bookmark site I have been using for about a year.


Sue Rockwood's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Lisa, if is blocked, they may be able to argue a use for magnolia or another site that allows you to keep your account private, for only those with the password. Then, it loses some of the social benefits, but you can still set it up to allow a class or school-wide social experience. Check out Scott Gilbertson's article giving the features of various services, "Social Bookmarking Showdown" - at
Good Luck!

Erin McGuyer's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I use as well. I like the folder option. I felt like was very random and could not organize it very well. I like sharing both with my middle school students. They have such varied personalities and some like the randomness of and others like the organiziation of Happy bookmarking to all!

susan's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

Another fairly new social bookmarking site, worth giving a try, snipitron

Joe Showker's picture
Anonymous (not verified)

I'll be putting up a page soon, but I've gone to delicious due to google ads and such on portaportal.

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