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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Edutopia's Schools That Work series highlights practices and case studies from K-12 schools and districts that are improving the way students learn.

At P. K. Yonge Developmental Research School, integrating digital content with face-to-face learning has led to impressive gains in student achievement.

Examples That Work

How to make virtual education work best.

1 195 7,917 views

A quick reference on the science behind virtual schooling.

1 6 3,613 views

Idaho and three other states show the promise of online learning.

1 1 1,865 views

Discover how K-12 students and teachers from across the country are using virtual technology to create enhancements to their learning experiences and new success in their lives.

12 70 6,985 views

Free tools, web links and other resources to help bring online learning to your school.

1 34 6,403 views

Articles, best practices, and training sites for virtual education.

1 82 12,573 views

A South Carolina elementary school uses computers to engage students in a learning process, calibrated to their individual needs and abilities.


Mc2 Stem High School | Grades 9-12

Respect, responsibility, and accountability: how opportunities for learning in the workplace bring out the best in students.

97 1,981 views

With hard work and plenty of district support, Mesquite Elementary School has proven that budget cuts don’t have to mean the end of excellence.

8 51 1,981 views

Not My Father's Shop Class: Fusing Career Tech with College Prep

3 28 1,865 views

Idaho and three other states show the promise of online learning.

1 1 1,865 views
Wings Program | Grades K-5

WINGS for Kids is just one model of innovative uses of the after-school hours.

2 1 1,865 views
Wings Program | Grades K-5

South Carolina's WINGS for Kids uses fun activities and precise language to reinforce social and emotional lessons every day.

4 1,865 views

Preparing teachers to work in a collaborative academy culture.

1 1,748 views