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Core Strategy
Eight students posing together smiling
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An effective, schoolwide PBL model keeps both students and teachers achieving their best at this high school.

Teacher support and innovative tech-infused model schools have helped Singapore excel.

Rocketship Education
An elementary school shows improvement on math scores with a blended learning approach.
Teacher Holly Mortimer on her laptop in her kitchen
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Virtual classes use technology to personalize and enhance the learning experience for middle and high school students.
Teacher with student writing on a whiteboard
Schools That Work Package
This elementary school engages students with an individualized learning process.
Two students at a table with their laptops
Schools That Work Package
Every student in these two schools has a laptop and uses technology in project-based learning curricula.

A K-12 charter school in the Mojave Desert charts the heavens with a focus on STEM.


Teens make animated movies that explore global issues in this extra-curricular program.


This after-school program uses technology to introduce middle and high school students to STEM careers.

Middle school students learn to become critical creators during and after school on this program's social-networking site.
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