A New Day for Learning, Part Two

A New Day For Learning, Part Two A New Day for Learning, Part Two: A Deeper Look into Four Full-Time-Learning Programs

Adapt these materials for various subjects and grade levels. Teachers, administrators, civic leaders, and other professionals can use the materials to model similar after-school (or during-school) programs of their own.

To learn how to build a large-scale, citywide program, visit our module about PASA. For classroom and schoolwide programs, check out the other modules.

Building on part one of our New Day for Learning initiative, we dig even deeper to highlight four full-time-learning* programs that share common elements for success: project learning, community connections, and curriculum building.

Our coverage of each program includes sample lessons, articles, videos, contacts, and other in-depth materials.

*Edutopia's term for the array of learning opportunities that happen during and beyond the school day.

Support for coverage of learning beyond the classroom is provided in part by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation.