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Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment

This quiz asks 24 questions and will take less than five minutes to complete. Try not to think too hard -- just go with your first thought when describing your daily activities and interests. By the end, you may have some new insights into the way you think. 

For more information about the theory of Multiple Intelligences, check out our in-depth article: Multiple Intelligences: What Does the Research Say? You may also want to watch an interview with Howard Gardner: Big Thinkers: Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences.

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Mike12's picture

hey everyone, I'm Mike Loudermilk, here are my results....I'm actually surprised about a few of them!


ThiagoE's picture

Linguistic 8
Logical 44
Visual 58
Intrapersonal 69
Interpersonal 44
Musical 0
Bodily 42
Natural 33

Julian Achemdey's picture

Linguistic 42%
Logical-Mathematical 94%
Visual-Spatial 83%
Intrapersonal 75%
Interpersonal 69%
Musical 63%
Bodily-Kinesthetic 58%
Naturalistic 33%

April's picture

Wow my results was actually unexpected.

Linguistic- 25%
Logical Mathematical- 38%
Visual-Spatial- 33%
Intrapersonal- 63%
Interpersonal- 19%
Musical- 50%
Bodily-Kinesthetic- 67%
Naturalistic- 33%

John Eggleston's picture

Linguistic- 58%
Logical Mathematical- 94%
Visual-Spatial- 92%
Intrapersonal- 69%
Interpersonal- 75%
Musical- 56%
Bodily-Kinesthetic- 33%
Naturalistic- 50%

Am not sure what the results mean.. but here is mine.

Carmen's picture

Linguistic 42
Logical 69
Visual 58
Intrapersonal 63
Interpersonal 44
Musical 69
Bodil-Kinesthetic 42
Naturalistic 58

Airythne's picture
I am simply Airythne.

Linguistic: 100%
Interpersonal: 92%
Logical-Mathematical: 75%
Intrapersonal: 69%
Visual-Spatial: 50%
Musical: 42%
Naturalistic: 33%
Bodily-Kinesthetic: 17%

Anfal Al Zayid's picture

my top three are
Intrapersonal 81%
Naturalistic 75%
linguistic 67%
I would have to agree with all of them because I understand myself the most therefore intrapersonal works with me.
also, living with natural is really relaxing
in the end, I understand language the best which means that I learn by talking and people talking to me.

thank you for reading mt respond

Daniela High's picture

Linguistic 33%
Logical-Mathematical 44%
Visual-Spatial 33%
Intrapersonal 50%
Interpersonal 25%
Musical 31%
Bodily-Kinesthetic 25%
Naturalistic 33%

Quentin's picture

Top 3:
Logical-Mathematical - 75%
Visual-Spatial - 67%
Interpersonal - 63%

Chevita's picture

The test was valuable to me because when I took a test like this one years ago my scores where much different . I helped me to see that my goals , values and interest has change thought he years.

Tedeshia Smith's picture

The result is very accurate. Before taking the test I ticked off my dominant styles and voila it is indeed correct.

hi's picture

i got 100_1. 69 .2 67.3 75.4 88.5 56.6 33.7 100.8

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Manager

The important thing to remember about any self-test or quiz is that it's impossible for them to capture the entirety of who you are, including how you continue to change and evolve over time.

An old teacher of mine once said, "Where you spend your time and energy is the part of your life that grows."

Debbie Sanders's picture

I enjoyed the test. My high scores were in Visual-Spatial 67% and Naturalistic 67%. Makes me want to explore myself a little deeper. Thanks!

DJ's picture

Musical- 94%
Naturalistic- 92%
Interpersonal- 88%
Bodily-Kinesthetic- 83%
Visual-Spacial- 75%

evy321's picture

The results I learned of each style was very close to my personal awareness, the material that followed I found to be very informative, there is always room to learn.

Ayham Salameh's picture

Linguistic 100%
Logical-Mathematical 88%
Visual-Spatial 83%
Intrapersonal 88%
Interpersonal 81%
Musical 94%
Bodily-Kinesthetic 75%
Naturalistic 83%

Jared Holt's picture

My sister:


Llondyn Elliott's picture

Linguistic 100%
Logical-Mathematical 88%
Visual-Spatial 75%
Intrapersonal 25%
Interpersonal 69%
Musical 38%
Bodily-Kinesthetic 25%
Naturalistic 25%


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