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Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment

Multiple Intelligences Self-Assessment illo with a brain composed of gears This quiz asks 24 questions and will take less than five minutes to complete. Try not to think too hard -- just go with your first thought when describing your daily activities and interests. By the end, you may have some new insights into the way you think. 

For more information about the theory of Multiple Intelligences, check out our in-depth article: Multiple Intelligences: What Does the Research Say? You may also want to watch an interview with Howard Gardner: Big Thinkers: Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences.

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Kyle Marshall's picture

Survey Says!: Even everything except for naturalistic and bodiy-kinesthetic.

While I'd like to do things like exercise more, I simply don't much due to work, so I can see where that would come into play. The higher points are located in linguistic (I'm a natural at picking up languages, albiet only for a short period of time so far), intrapersonal and interpersonal. I should be a teacher... Hmmm

Nick Hoyle's picture

33%- Linguistic
69%- Logical/Mathematical
67%- Visual/Spatial
88%- Intrapersonal
50%- Interpersonal
19%- Musical
33%- Bodily/Kinesthetic
42%- Naturalistic

escobar42's picture

83 % - Linguistic
88 % - Logical -Mathematical
83 % -Visual-Spatial
75 % -Intrapersonal
100 %- Interpersonal
100 % - Musical
83 % - Bodily- Kinesthetic
83 %- Naturalistic

escobar42's picture

I do grow most of my veggies , I do read a lot to learn about new things in general and now more that i'm talking this online class . another thing that I like to do more is play my guitar , I'm not much of a journal person , I'm 100 % on interpersonal , I can motivate my self to do anything and everything

kimI's picture

Linguistic 67%
Logical-mathematical 63%
Visual-spatial 75%
intrapersonal 56%
Interpersonal 50%
Musical 38%
Bodily-kinesthetic 33%
Naturalistic 83%

I agree with the 2 highest ratings. Visual displays and how they relate to my personal space is very much me. I do enjoy the outdoors, gardening with veggies & flowers. I use my visual spatial in my flower growth & arrangement. I do tend to suggest visual techniques to my students in ways that compliment their other learning styles.

Fabian Botero's picture


Linguistic 67%
Logical-Mathematical 69%
Visual-Spatial 67%
Intrapersonal 63%
Interpersonal 69%
Musical 44%
Bodily-Kinesthetic 25%
Naturalistic 50%

Yu Yang's picture

My result is:
Linguistic 67%
Logical-Mathematical 75%
Visual-Spatial 50%
Intrapersonal 88%
Interpersonal 75%
Musical 56%
Bodily-Kinesthetic 83%
Naturalistic 50%

Selena Ramirez's picture

My result is:
Linguistic 8
Logical-Mathematical 19
Visual-Spatial 33
Intrapersonal 25
Interpersonal 44
Musical 19
Bodily-Kinesthetic 50
Naturalistic 25

kaelin's picture

Linguistic 0%
Logical-mathematics 13%
Visual-spatial 8%
Intrapersonal 50%
Interpersonal 44%
Musical 13%
bodily-kinesthetic 25%
Naturalistic 75%

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