Integrated Studies

What Is Integrated Studies?
Integrated studies combines curriculum from two or more disciplines, allowing students to see how ideas are connected. Teaching in such a contextual manner promotes collaboration, critical thinking, and knowledge retention. Watch an introduction video.
Integrated Studies: A Short History
Venerable educators from John Dewey to Howard Gardner have extolled the virtues of studying subjects in a holistic, contextual way rather than in a vacuum. Learn more.
What the Experts Say
Great things can happen when teachers break out of their silos and collaborate across subjects. Here's what researchers, educators, and curriculum writers have to say about the benefits of integrated studies. See what the experts say.
Why Should Schools Embrace Integrated Studies?
To increase engagement and retention, academic subjects are presented in an interdisciplinary fashion that reflects modern knowledge and society. For instance, history, literature, and art can be interwoven and taught through text, images, and sound. See why.
Research: The Effectiveness of Integrated Studies
Discover seven key approaches in effective curriculum integration, get our specific recommendations on evidence-based practices and programs, and learn about pitfalls to avoid. Dig deeper.

Explore Examples That Work

Find profiles and research on K-12 schools, districts, and programs that are dramatically improving the way students learn using integrated studies.
Schools That Work Package
At John Stanford International School in Seattle, Washington, the focus is teaching global competence -- multicultural understanding, awareness of issues that affect the world, and taking action to help.
Schools That Work Package
Bates Middle School in Annapolis, Maryland has integrated the arts into every corner of their curriculum -- and they are seeing real academic benefits.
Two teachers at Central York High School in York, PA, share their strategies for creating successful integrated studies projects.
A data-collection program brings real science to elementary schools -- and startles the professionals.
Interdisciplinary learning develops real-world, multifaceted knowledge.
Students in Maryland participate in a countrywide science experiment.

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