Edutopia Webinar: Greening Your School

How One Educator Can Make a Difference

How One Educator Can Make a Difference

Release Date: 10/29/10

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October 29, 2009: Greening Your School: How One Educator Can Make a Difference

Host: Amy Erin Borovoy, coordinating producer, Edutopia

Presenters: Tim Grant, coeditor of Green Teacher magazine, and Tom Koulentes, assistant principal at Highland Park High School, in Highland Park, Illinois, and cosponsor of the school's Green School Initiative

Target Audience: Ideal for teachers, staff members, and site-based administrators who want to team up with students to care for the Earth while learning at the same time.

When the big challenge of protecting the environment feels overwhelming, we can often do best by looking at the impact we can have in our own backyards -- or, in this case, schoolyards. Educators and students working together can make some real eco-achievements, empowering students and deepening some academic lessons along the way. In this session, Tim Grant and Tom Koulentes highlight some of the best ideas, examples, and strategies they've found. Learn more at the webinar's resource page.

Download the presentation (PowerPoint 4 MB).

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