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Getting Started Tips: Advice and Links for Setting Up a Full-Time-Learning Program

Thinking about implementing your own program? Here are some things that may help.

Want to start a full-time learning model in your community? Whether you’re a teacher, administrator, or community member, these tips will help you get started.

Do your research.

  • View this site and others for ideas about what type of program you want to create, for which age groups, and during which hours.
  • Review academic standards. Always make sure standards fold into the project.
  • Talk with leaders from similar programs for background information.
  • Document your needs and findings.

Recruit good people.

  • Principals should play an active role.
  • Recruit people with strong leadership skills and connections to the community.
  • Ask colleagues, parents, and friends to help. Assign specific roles and tasks.

Develop a business plan.

  • Highlight how the project benefits students.
  • Refer to historically successful learning programs: Include essentials, such as the project goal, outline, funding ideas, resources, and directive.

Sell the project.

  • Get the PTA and parent groups involved. Parents can participate directly (by becoming mentors) or indirectly (by recruiting their employers).
  • Ask civic organizations and businesses for support.

Involve the students.

  • Ask them to brainstorm their own full-time-learning programs.
  • Encourage them to take part in the plan.


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