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Game-Based Learning: Resource Roundup

Check out Edutopia's collection of articles, videos, and resources on using video games, simulations, and gaming concepts in the classroom.
By Edutopia
Edutopia Team

Games in the Classroom

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Tips and Tools to Get Started

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Using Games for Learning and Assessment

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Engaging Students with Innovative Programs

  • Game Jam Your Classroom, by Andrew Miller (2013)

    Find out what a game jam is and how you can use it to teach and assess 21st-century skills, focus on deeper learning, and present content.

  • Games Can Make "Real Life" More Rewarding, by Mary Beth Hertz (2013)

    Hertz reflects on author Jane McGonigal's suggestion that a game-based view of real life opens the door for new incentives to improve and succeed.

  • Teaching Teamwork Through Video Game Development, by Edutopia Staff (2012)

    High school students gain programming literacy and collaboration skills as they work in teams to build video games for elementary school students. Check out another great Edutopia resource on the subject, "Learning STEM Skills by Designing Video Games."

  • Avatars Teach Teens About Self-Image, Suzie Boss (2009)

    Even as the national beauty obsession grows, a new virtual world has emerged to give kids another perspective about image.

  • The Games Pupils Play, by Owen Edwards (2009)

    Quest to Learn, a publicly funded school in New York, teaches entirely through games and hopes to open more of these Institutes of Play in the near future.

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Games for Social Good

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Straightforward Gamification Strategies

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