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June 21, 2017
Tips for creating a learner-centric classroom
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Rebooting Industrial Era Seating

Two educators present ideas for transforming our classrooms to meet the challenges of the future in this excerpt from their new book.

Help your students to process and reflect.
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Engaged Teaching: "Do Now" Activities for Your Lessons

These simple activities, organized by grade level, will help you implement social and emotional learning in your classroom.

Coach them not to accept good enough.
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Overcoming the Principle of Least Effort

Humans naturally try to get by with minimal work. Here are a few simple ways to push your students to think harder.

Foster your students' self-awareness.

Building Brain Literacy in Elementary Students

Understanding how their brains work is empowering for even the youngest students.

A strategy to promote deep reading
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Start a Reading Revolution: Flip Your Class With Blogs

Using student choice and a blogging platform, you can deeply engage even the most reluctant readers.

George Lucas Educational Foundation

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