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WHAT WORKS IN EDUCATION The George Lucas Educational Foundation

Digital Generation Themes

There's more to their world than just playing with cool gadgets. Digital media is revolutionizing how today's kids create, collaborate, and teach.
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This Digital Generation uses the Internet, computers, cell phones, and many other digital tools to learn and communicate in ways that were not possible in previous generations. Just think about the variety of new sites and tools that have become common in just the last five years: YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, and the iPod.

But as we've gotten to know today's youth through this project, we've noticed that there's more to this story than just kids playing with cool new gadgets. It's about youth seizing new opportunities for engagement, self-directed learning, creativity, and initiative.

In short, it's a revolution in creating, collaborating, and teaching. We encourage educators and parents to explore these themes in detail to understand specific ways that youth use digital media at school, after school, and at home. Consider it your travel guide to the world of the Digital Generation.

Explore All Themes: Creating | Collaborating | Teaching

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mawheba safey eldin's picture

I, as an educator, believe that students should be given the opportunity to learn, express themselves, and collaborate by using technology. They are the digital generation who need our support in helping them reach their potential.

Lisa's picture

I totally agree. I believe that schools are stunting the growth of our children by preventing them from learning how to use the digital world correctly. We afford them the ability to use these tools in a negative way because we are unable to TEACH them how to use technology correctly! We can't teach them because we are blocked!

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